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Tips and Apps to Improve Your Android Gaming Experience

Getting better at gaming takes dedication and commitment. This is not something you can do in a single week. The best way to improve at a video game is to put in the time. However, there are some tricks you can use to accelerate the process. All the work behind the scene is why professional gamers are so good. Many esports pros have put in upwards of 10,000 hours on one game, resulting in their elite status. This list of tips will help an average gamer become better than the rest.

It will make gaming much easier if you develop muscle memory to aim at your opponents. First, you must find the right mouse sensitivity to suit your needs لعبة. Your mouse sensitivity may be too high if it causes you to micro-adjust your aim frequently. It could also be too low if your opponent is not able to flick you in time.

To build muscle memory, once you’ve found the ideal sensitivity level, stay with it. You can also use the same settings across all your first-person titles to help you maintain consistency. allows you to convert a title’s sensitivity into another so that your aim settings are the same for all of your titles.

When trying to improve your shooting skills, posture is often forgotten. It is much harder to focus and aim when you have a bad posture. This is because your muscles are being strained. Be sure to set your armrests and desks at the same height, so that your whole hand can be comfortably moved while you are aiming. Sitting for long periods with your knees bent at 90° will help to relieve your muscles.

If you use a computer screen or television to play games, you must sit in a position where you get a good view. If you’re playing a game that requires you to use the keyboard and mouse, you will want to sit nearer your monitor. It is possible to connect your video game console (such as a PlayStation, or Xbox) with your TV if you play games. It’s no problem as modern TVs allow you to play games even with higher frame rates. Make sure you’re sitting the right distance away from the TV. Otherwise, you may lose the game because of a bad view.

Some people think that the only way they can improve is to play video games constantly. You do need to play to improve but you don’t have to spend hours on end each day. There are also other ways to improve your game. Watching videos of professional gamers playing online will help you to improve. You can watch videos on YouTube and even live streams on Twitch, Facebook Gaming or YouTube.

When we start playing games, we hope to have lots of fun. Sometimes having fun and improving do not go together. You need to be punished to get better. It is only by competing with players better than yourself that you can improve. You can’t improve your gaming skills if you beat down weaker players.


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